Way Dynamic

Having cut his teeth playing with the likes of Hollow Everdaze, Emma Russack, Great Outdoors and Bel Air, multi-instrumentalist Dylan Young has quickly made his ambitions very much known.

Yet to put any music to record as “Way Dynamic”, Young has already managed to perform alongside the likes of Pond/ex-Tame Impala extraordinaire Nicholas Allbrook, New York-based Fascinator, as well as local sensations Machine Translations and Totally Mild (among many others).

Employing an enchanting blend of earnest guitar-pop (à la fellow Melbournians Twerps, Dick Diver etc) spiked by moments of Bowie-esque flair, Young’s debut is set to be an exciting one. With producer James Cecil (Architecture in Helsinki, Totally Mild) at the helm, Way Dynamic seem destined to soon be a name on the tip of everyone’s tongue.


TBC - 2017