Tourist Dollars

Tourist Dollars is the brainchild of Jesse McCormack, rounded out by Dave and Aiden McMillan (Dag, Redspencer and formerly Woe & Flutter respectively). Finding its genesis in Australia's balmy North (affectionately described by McCormack as the country's "sweaty armpit"), the band have since found their nook at the "frigid toes of Melbourne".

Their self-titled debut EP evokes a late-1950s warmth. Roy Orbison springs to mind with McCormack's sombre croon, particularly in opening ballad 'Ageless', whilst fuzzier moments ('End of Times, Melting Minds') recall the reverb-doused guitar of Link Wray.

At just four tracks, it's a fleeting, nonetheless affecting assemblage pondering themes of love, loss and existentialism -- in a way that, at times, borders on the conceptual.

If nothing else, it's a tantalising glimpse of a group that packs plenty of promise for the future.


Tourist Dollars, EP (2016)






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