Pure Moods

Pure Moods found it’s genesis in the wee, dingy hours of various house parties across Melbourne between new acquaintances Adam Madric and Wyatt Knowles. Sharing many a slur about starting a band, it was months before anything came to fruition. Meanwhile, Madric carved his teeth in numerous local bands (Bad Family, Closet Straights), before finally founding Pure Moods (recruiting Knowles on bass and Closet Straights bandmate Alex Lashlie on drums).

The emergence of an utterly enchanting debut single in the form of ‘Blurb’ came about in 2016, imparting the trio‘s mutual love for guitar-propelled greats such as the Pastels and the Go-Betweens. It’s an earnest, guitar-fuelled stab at pop, bursting with equal parts charm and candour.

The three-piece released a debut LP later that year, self-recorded at Purple Wayne Studio (with Shane Jarvie-Kohn and James Tyrrell), and mixed/mastered by friend Chris Korczynski. It’s a beautifully all-round humble affair; though modest in their approach, Pure Moods are a band with all but meek ambitions, and appear sure to soon fulfil them.


Pure Moods, LP (2016)