Hollow Everdaze

As forecast by the reverbed lushness of their breakthrough 2015 single ‘Last Laugh’, Hollow Everdaze’s long-time-coming debut album 'Cartoons' is a stunning new statement for a band that’s been reimagining psychedelic pop from the start.

While deeply schooled in the classics – from the Rubber Soul balladry of ‘Still Ticking’ to the jaunty orchestral layering of ‘Running Away’ – the Western Victoria five-piece have arrived at something remarkably fresh. Combining distorted guitar hooks and sighing strings with blissful electronics and heady jam-outs, these songs are sweetly catchy yet quietly adventurous. Surf-tinged British Invasion
(‘Catastrophe’), pleading indie pop (‘Same Old Story’), and free-wheeling psych (‘Flat Battery’) all commingle beautifully, with every track housing vivid contrasts of glistening brightness and rainy-day gloom.

Founded by singer/songwriter/guitarist Daniel Baulch and bassist Jackson Kay, Hollow Everdaze thrive on the interplay between those members and Myles Anderson (violin), Ed Crocker (drums), and Dylan Young (keyboards). The violin and keys lend a mind-bending immersion to the album, while sumptuous extras like cello and vocal harmonies complete a picture realised in the studio with rising Melbourne producer John Lee (The Ocean Party, Lost Animal).


I Will Not Fear, EP (2014)

Last Laugh, single (2015)

Cartoons, LP (2017)